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So you are considering becoming a driving instructor but want to know what is involved in the training. We have all seen the adverts on TV and in the papers saying you can earn £30,000 per year but what they don't tell you is that the national average pass rate is only 28%, yes 72% fail! They fail because they can't teach not because they can't drive. We only concentrate on "teaching" and our pass rate is 80%, why?

  1. We only do one to one tuition not four to a car like some instructor schools.
  2. Registered trainers who care.
  3. Structured course.
  4. Quality training material.
  5. Pay as you train = excellent value for money
  6. Trainee certificate (after passing the 2nd exam)
  7. Guaranteed job on qualification

The exams are in 3 parts, first is the theory and hazard perception test, second is your test of driving ability and finally (the hardest of all) the test of your ability to give instruction. We firmly believe that you can, with the right instruction, teach people with the desire to succeed how to teach. We, unlike a lot of other schools, look to our trainers to obtain a PDI badge from the DSA after passing the second exam. This enables you to charge a fee whilst working towards your final exam, it also allows you to reflect on your chosen career.


Subject to a FREE assessment lesson and acceptance with us WE WILL THEN CHARGE OUT AT £30.00 PER HOUR for instructor training. We have found it takes about 60 hours of dedicated instructor training to complete all tests and obtain your "GREEN" badge. We charge as you go and do not take any large sums of money up front unlike some and if your not happy at any point in time you can stop. For those that want to get a "pink" badge and take a trainee pdi franchise with ourselves we will rebate you £1000.00 of your training cost's meaning it could only cost you £500 to £800 to become a driving instructor.

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What is not included

DSA test fees.

Part 1

Computer based theory / hazard perception test: £99.00

Part 2

Eyesight, show me tell me and driving ability test: £110.00

Part 3

A test of your ability to give instruction: £111.00

Registration fee when qualified (every 4 years) £300.00


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